A New Lease on Life

Dear Friends, Doing the work we do, it is sometimes hard to qualify the effects we have on people's lives. We can come up with statistics we say that we help so many number of children get free education, or we have bought this number of kids new school books. However, it is much more challenging to describe how this impacts peoples lives in a personal and spiritual way. One way of accomplishing this goal is to tell stories. So here is a recent one: There is a woman in our village who developed a terrible gynecological condition, which was highly deforming. In a traditional society, where a woman's "cleanliness" is given a great deal of importance, this woman's condition was catastrophic. She was effectively an outcast from her friends and family, and traveled around Bangladesh searching for a cure. Thankfully, she approached Sohan Rahman, managing director of Basic Needs, who set about to help her. With a great deal of effort, he was able to set her up for a surgery in the capital city of Dhaka. For a mere $200, her condition was corrected, and the woman is now back in the village with her family. When I get frustrated or tired, I think back to this woman's story, and remember that we really do have the power to change lives.