Dear Friends, I wanted to update you on some recent events in Bangladesh. As many of you know, there was a tragic loss of life in the past few weeks following the collapse of a garment factory building outside of Dhaka. Over 1,000 people have died. However, our workers in Bangladesh were able to help save lives and comfort the injured in their time of need. A small number of volunteers worked tirelessly to help pull people (living and deceased) from the rubble directly after the event. In the aftermath, these same people delivered medical supplies to local hospitals, organized clothing distribution to victims who had lost their clothes in the collapse, and funded a surgery for one of the victims. We want to congratulate them on their hard work, and their dedication to helping out during the crisis. On a lighter note, while visiting some of the injured following the disaster, our managing director, Sohan Rahman, was asked to visit another hospital inpatient. She was an expectant mother with a troubled pregnancy. She needed urgent surgery, but had no money to pay for it. Sohan handled everything, paying for her surgery and hospital stay, and now we can proudly add a healthy baby girl to our list of Basic Needs kids! A little light at the end of a long tunnel.